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Plano International Festival Safety Plan

  • WATCH: The person next to YOU
  • OBSERVE: The security announcements
  • CONTACT: Crowd Safety Personnel

The City of Plano maintains an emergency preparedness plan, including documents that cover a range of threat or hazard situations. Those plans and guidelines outline relevant policies and procedures for evacuation in the event of a limited or continued threat. The City of Plano Fire and Police officials are knowledgeable and trained in such procedures and will make the determination as to what, if any, emergency exists that requires involvement of the preparedness plan.

In the event the Police or Fire officials determine that such an emergency exists, such officials will proceed according to the City of Plano emergency preparedness guidelines. Plano International Festival staff may be called upon to assist with emergency procedures. If you will have any difficulty assisting in this way, please notify appropriate Plano International Festival Board officials immediately.

Three primary rules apply: WATCH attentively your surroundings, including suspicious behavior or packages.

OBSERVE any security announcements and ensure that those in your vicinity are alert and attentive.

CONTACT immediately the nearest Police or Fire official for any issue that you perceive, even remotely, to be a threat or potential danger.

Your safety and the safety of others depend on YOU.

In the event of any “Lost Child”, he/she should be taken to the main Stage for immediate announcement by the MC (Mistress of Ceremonies) as well as “lost and found”

The VOLUNTEERS Tent should be a good meeting point.

The first AID sponsored by The Medical City Plano will have a nurse to assist in case of an emergency. The tent is located by the Festival VOLUNTEERS tent on 15th Street.

We appreciate you and your service to the Plano International Festival 2017.

Plano International Festival 2017